A black and white computer generated image of two faceless humanoid figures against a blank wall. One is boosting the other up and over the wall.

A diverse group of five people in professional attire are pictured from below as they hold out their fingers in V shapes and touch them together to form a star.
Photo by pxhere, Creative Commons License

A teenage Black girl with long, thin braids laughs as she stands against a white background. She wears a black Nike cropped running tank.
Andraya Yearwood found herself at the center of a controversy when cis female runners sued her and another girl to stop them from running in high school track meets. (Photo: Jesse Ditmar)

Small child with dark skin and curly black hair wears a face mask while being carried by an adult. The child looks over the adult’s shoulder, clinging to the adult, eyes wide.
Photo by Xavier Donat. Creative Commons License.

A man with dark hair & pale skin sits backwards on a chair on a dark room, lit dramatically from above.
Cameron McNary. Photo by David Hobby.

Chris Quintos in The Chalk Boy by Joshua Conkel at my theatre, Impact Theatre. Photo by Cheshire Isaacs.

Cartoon drawing of Melissa, a white woman with a red bob & black-framed glasses, wearing a fall-themed shirtwaist dress.
4Art by Asia Ellington! I only own this dress in my dreams.

Delacriox’s “Liberty Leading the People” with “The Arts” on her flag and “Remember Who You Are” below

Bitter Gertrude

PhD, D&D DM, Disabled Cyborg, lifelong educator & theatremaker now working as a JEDI consultant (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion).

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