Worldbuilding Workshop for Playwrights

Bitter Gertrude
1 min readNov 26, 2020

I’m giving a workshop in worldbuilding for playwrights! Come play with me!

Cartoon drawing of Melissa, a white woman with a red bob & black-framed glasses, wearing a fall-themed shirtwaist dress.
4Art by Asia Ellington! I only own this dress in my dreams.

Worldbuilding isn’t something we talk about often in playwriting and screenwriting. It’s more common to writers of fictional prose, especially SF/F writers. Careful attention to worldbuilding, however, can level up your scripts significantly. Conversely, its lack can sink a piece, distancing or even confusing your audience.

When people give examples of excellent worldbuilding, they’re always rich, deeply crafted fantasy scapes like the Lord of the Rings films, NK Jemisin’s fiction, or Game of Thrones. When you ask people about worldbuilding in playwriting, people will offer high concept musicals like Wicked or Seussical. But all well-crafted plays have richly detailed worldbuilding.

At its heart, worldbuilding is about consistency and detail.

This Sunday at 4PM PST, I’ll be giving a Zoom workshop through PlayCafe on worldbuilding in playwriting. We’ll discuss the basics of intentional worldbuilding, troubleshooting common pitfalls, building inclusive worlds, and navigating authenticity. Reserve your tickets here! The workshop is free, with a suggested donation of $10–20 to support the great work PlayCafe does for local playwrights.



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